The GUS expression was demonstrated by the optimized in situ

The GUS expression was demonstrated by the optimized in situ

Vulgaris GS genes in chimaeric Lotus corniculatus plants. The GUS expression was demonstrated by the optimized in situ hybridization tecniques in conjunction with immunocytoeheinica1 and GUS histochemical localization tecniques. Results indicate the control of GS gene expression is at the transcriptional level and at least partially determined by the 5′ flanking regions of these genes..

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The experimental results of this study show that the four weighted fusion methods compose a computationally efficient and reliable system for multi sensor measurement problems, especially for freeform surface measurement. A comparison of weighted fusion with residual approximation based fusion has also been conducted by providing the input datasets with different noise levels and sample sizes. The results demonstrated that weighted fusion and residual approximation based fusion are complementary approaches applicable to most fusion scenarios..

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