Hi Everyone, My name is Julie Kessler. This page is where I introduce myself and give you a brief background of my journey to becoming a nail technician and bringing Boomer Nails, LLC to you.  Here we go!

I was raised in Midland, Michigan on a crop farm back in the 1950’s. Yes, I’m from the “Baby Boomer” era and Yes, that’s where I came up with “Boomer Nails”.  I went to college and received a degree in secretarial science.  I held executive secretarial positions for 43 years.   It wasn’t until I retired in 2016 that I pursued my dream of many years of being a nail technician.

As a kid, I bit my nails terrible. While in college, several girls in my dormitory decided to let their nails grow. I embarked on the challenge with them. For Christmas that year, my dad got me a manicure set as a gift. It had a few simple tools, 2 shades of regular nail polish (gel polish wasn’t around yet), and cuticle oil. I was so proud of that gift. I religiously kept my nails painted and out of my mouth. Within a few months I actually had a free-edge. It was a miracle! Going forward, I gave myself a manicure every week.

In the 80’s I was involved with a line of cosmetics that had wonderful nail care products. I learned about silk wraps, tips, and secrets to maintaining lovely nails. It was so much fun. My sisters and friends would have me do their nails for special occasions. They would even call for an emergency silk wrap nail repair!  The nail industry was beginning to blossom.  I would see all sorts of new products and techniques be introduced.  This really intrigued me.  My nails were long and I even had 2 gold nail gems with a diamond inset in each.  These were attached to the nail by drilling a tiny hole through the free-edge and secured with real tiny bolts under the free-edge. I loved wearing these especially during the Christmas holidays.

After retirement, I took my passion for nails and turned it into my main focus today. I attended Bayshire Beauty Academy in Bay City, Michigan. They offered a specific program for manicurist – nail technician. I completed the required 600 hours of theory and practical application in just 6 months! What a crazy ride but so well worth it.  I passed my State Boards and now can proudly say I’m a Licensed Nail Technician! 

Boomer Nails, LLC is a result of determination and a real passion for the nail industry. It provides me the opportunity to have a daily purpose, to be creative, and extend quality nails services to you.

I currently reside in Owosso, Michigan with my 2 cats, Lenny and Squiggy.  My home has been licensed as an establishment to do nails.  It is a very casual and relaxing environment.