Hard Gel

Hard Gel

Over Natural Nails…$15.00
Hard gel is a delightful alternative to acrylic. If you have thin nails, or nails that want to split or you just want something to help let your natural nail grow, this is a fantastic route to go. No smelly chemicals are used. It is cured with an LED lamp and is beautiful and shiny without a polish. It is self-leveling so there is minimal filing. It appears thin even after 2 or 3 coats but is Very strong. I have many satisfied customers. Proper nail and cuticle care is done first before applying. Allow 60 minutes. (Fill/maintenance = $15)

Regular Polish…$20.00
This includes hard gel over natural nails and then add some color with a regular polish. Figure 90 minutes. (Fill/maintenance = $25)

Gel Polish…$25.00
This is applying hard gel over natural nails and then topping with a gel polish. Again, 90 minutes would be good. (Fill/maintenance = $30)

With Tips…add $10.00
For those of you wanting longer nails (enhancements), I can do that with no problem. Hard gel is then used as an overlay for strength. For a full set add $10 or $1 per nail.

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